The NEWChurch Movement

Our vision is to establish 3000 faith communities in the next 10 years by intentionally raising up disciples that make disciples who lead cell or more traditional churches that make disciples. This began with 20 cell church projects and 2 traditional church plants in 2022.


Each cell church is intentional about ministering, caring, sharing, and communicating with each group member.

That’s why you’ll sit down for a meal, get to know one another—finding out the details. If you come across a need; how can you help? It’s about checking in with one another, taking care and reaching out. 

And every-so-often planning and sharing in a fun activity. Building community from the ground up!

Each meeting is meant to be a Foundational Gathering—but as we study the scriptures, worship, and pray for one another—we discover and excercise spiritual gifts. We’re meant to grow together, live together, and reach our world together—communion at its finest!

Identify, adopt, and engage in a mission project that every member of the cell church participates in. Ideas are endless as you embrace the needs of our community.

Every community could use a little light in the darkness—Extending Grace Igniting Hope!

All of us have relationships with family, friends, neighbours and fellow grocery shoppers! 

As we, the church, engage in evangelistic efforts we will begin to see lives transformed by the Gospel; the hope of the world. 

Who are you doing life with? We are all meant to walk with others toward the cross and continue the journey with them to maturity after conversion. We desire to put disciple making tools in your hands—available through NEWChurch resources.

Multiplication is necessary! “NEWChurch Intensive” training and ECO (Eston College Online) is available to all leaders. And, we believe that every leader is to raise up the next leader. Establish and submit multiplication plan for 12-18 months from initial launch. 

Ongoing fellowship and relationship—need we say more? Your cell church does not function alone. Other groups within the NEWChurch network, local churches, and our Apostolic Hub are together in this initiative. We will plan corporate celebrations every 4-6 weeks for the purpose of worship, equipping, and motivation.