Wes Mills (S1-E2)

In this episode, Wes discusses his understanding of disciple-making and being a disciple-maker. 

Time Stamps:

1:10 – What does it mean to make a disciple?

2:30 – More about being an apprentice in spiritual formation.

4:35 – Co-vocational calling.

7:40 – How do we measure success?

12:20 – Align myself with His priorities.

16:30 – The question people are asking: Is it all real?

18:25 – When we do life with someone, we see things that only God can do.

22:00 – Are people engaging on Sunday mornings? Is there a more effective context?

26:10 – Church is a gathering point, but we need to find a place where disciples are made.

28:45 – It has to come from having the heart of Jesus.

34:30 – Are we willing to shift our focus?

39:45 – “They were lonely and they were tired.”

41:10 – Loneliness is a mission field.

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