Tyler Fromm (S1-E7) Part 1

Tyler Fromm leads Collective Church, an innovative, missional church plant in London Ontario. Tyler and his wife Lee planted Collective Church just before COVID-19 hit. He is a young leader with exceptional gifts and a voice for today’s challenges in disciple-making.

Time Stamps:

2:15 – Tyler’s journey.

4:45  – “How do we actually reach people?”

5:15 – Planting churches that plant churches that plant churches.

8:30 – Paying the price of convenience.

13:15 – We have more access, and yet the church is in a state of decline.

19:20 – Some people are meant to start, and some people are meant to build.

23:45 – Be really intentional in communicating what your church is about.

25:30 – Redefining what success looks like.

27:15 – Our scorecard is multiplication.

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