Sean Stevenson-Douglas (S1-E15) Part 1

Sean Stevenson-Douglas is the president of Eston College in Regina, SK. He has had many years of practical discipling experience, both on the mission field and on home soil, and has valuable insights on the Disciple Making Movement.

Time Stamps:

2:15 – Sean’s background.

6:30 – Ministering in areas where there are no believers.

12:15 – Equipping regular people to make disciples outside of church constructs.

13:15 – The difference between a convert and a disciple is acting on the revelation received from Jesus.

23:15 – There comes a point where a church is simply too big.

26:30 – What distinguished Jesus’ teachings was His approach – conversational vs. lecturing.

33:45 – “A disciple is somebody who lovingly obeys the commands of Jesus.”

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