Danny Delong (S1-E5) Part 1

Danny Delong currently serves with the Regina Apostolic Church in Regina, Sask. Danny has extensive experience in the area of DMM (Disciple Making Movements). As a missionary in the Middle East, Danny put into practice the disciple-making principles and now has a vision to see the same impact made in Canada.

Time Stamps:

1:10 – Danny’s history.

3:20 – “Let’s reach this entire nation for the Lord.”

7:45 – A difficult mission field.

11:30 – Sense of hope regarding disciple-making.

16:30 – We need to broaden our thinking of what church is.

19:45 – Be intentional about inviting your friends to church.

21:00 – God has given YOU authority in your friend groups.

29:45 – Our culture is “notoriously individualistic.”


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