Alissa Fenn (S1 – E9) Part 1

Our guest, Alissa Fenn is a 20-something gifted young lady with strong leadership gifts who represents and leads within the context of a generation that will define church and disciple-making in a fresh way.

Her generation has an abundance of questions and perspectives that will challenge church culture as it’s been understood for years. It will do all leaders well to learn from the likes and insights of young adults like Alissa!

Time Stamps:

2:20 – Family history and background.

7:45 – What church looks like for young teenagers struggling with identity.

10:15 – We have a “one size fits all” approach to the church.

12:25 – How do we understand ourselves in relation to the church?

15:45 – What can we do to appeal to the younger generations?

19:10 – Searching for identity.

24:45 – Intentional conversations are key in bringing people to faith.

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