Adam Shepski (S1-E12) Part 2

Adam Shepski leads the “Disciple a City” ministry. A gifted leader with a passion to equip the body of Christ in the areas of evangelism and disciple-making. Adam mobilizes people within their own community and context to share the Gospel in an impactful and transformational way. 

Time Stamps:

3:30 – We’ve relegated so much of the excitement of faith to preaching on a stage.

7:45 – We usually don’t see ourselves as vessels of Christ.

9:30 – Jesus didn’t make it optional, He made it mandatory.

13:30 – The best thing a local church can do is plant a local outreach.

15:10 – The power is not in the tools, but in obeying Jesus.

17:45 – Four fields (Mark 4, the farmer going out to scatter seed).

Video series—Every Disciple Sent:


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