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Join Cal & Tyrelle on June 6 @ 8 am for part 2!

Tyrelle Smith (Gospel Fire for All Nations) is an evangelist and dedicated disciple-maker with many years of practical experience. She has valuable insights into disciple-making and powerful stories of encounters with Jesus.

Time Stamps:

4:30 – New beginnings can be done, you just have to find your way through them.

7:15 – God has us on the edge of the next promised land.

9:45 – The highest reverence we can give to God is to honour His design.

18:45 – You don’t have to always hit a home run.

22:30 – Most people come into the Kingdom because someone prayed them to the cross.

25:15 – Loneliness is a mission field.

Meet Your Host

Cal Ellerby has led the Church Planting Initiative with ACOP, known as NEWChurch, since 2018.

The mandate for NEWChurch is to reimagine, motivate, and mobilize those primarily connected to ACOP with a multiplication mission, through disciple-making and the establishment of all forms of faith communities across Canada. 

Cal’s heart is to serve as advisor, coach, and resource provider to anyone wishing to increase their missional impact, challenging them to think beyond their current paradigm of ministry.

His vision to see the church multiplied beyond our current model is the big question he has set out to answer. 

Join us weekly as we dive into what it means to be a church that multiplies through disciple-making.

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