The Gospel is the Hope of the world

It is the power of God and it NEVER changes! Communicating the Gospel effectively brings hope and life to a broken world.

Together, WE can reimagine what church looks like and influence present day realities!

The world has changed

Changes abound in every sphere of influence—including the application of the Gospel to the brokeness within our culture.

Time and perspective demand that a fresh and clear impartation of truth and the Lordship of Jesus be contextualized in ways that are relevant to the learning style and social nuances of the times.


The NEWChurch movement is a call to redefine what it looks like to effectively impact and influence lives with the life changing story of Jesus' redemptive desire for all.

Engaging your community by Extending Grace Igniting Hope!

Disciple Making Churches

The NEWChurch mission is to build strategic paths into the brokenness of our world with the Gospel in influential, relevant, and effective ways. We will mobilize, equip, and place passionate followers of Jesus into faith communities that engage in the worlds that they live in on a daily basis.

It is our conviciton that any church or faith community can most effectively do this by remaining flexible and nimble allowing for frequent and strategic multiplication. NEWChurch is committed to the Biblical mandate (see verses).

Making disciples that make disciples intentionally and consistently! 


Find out what it looks like to engage your community in NEWChurch!